Induction Lunch – 18 November 2023 – Cedar Lakes Clubhouse

Induction Lunch – 18 November 2023 - Cedar Lakes Clubhouse

Welcoming 3 shiny new members – anticlockwise from top, Simon Chikumbu, George Suliali, and Dee Tshabalala


Saturday’s induction lunch was a fabulous affair. The enthusiasm and obvious sense of pride that our three new members embraced the occasion was a testament to their commitment to the Rotary cause. 

Dee, radiant in a tasteful, designer outfit of her own creation, with her two delightful children in tow, is a very welcome addition to our club. George must be a good fellow because he dashed off the 16th green to join us in time for lunch. Dedication like that is frowned upon by the four-ball but highly prized in Rotary circles. And, as for Simon, his response to the Charge (“I will follow those rules”) demonstrates the humility and respect for occasion of a man who has clearly been around the block a few times in business. 

We’re honoured to have these three outstanding members of our community join our Club. It’s now our duty to use our enhanced strength to be of greater service to the vulnerable in our community.    – President Graeme Holmes 


See more pics from the day here.

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