Otter Fun Run, Rotary Blanket Drive

Bev Reports Back on the Rotary Blanket Drive at the Otter Fun Run


I felt so honoured being able to participate in this event for Rotary! Please don’t think for one
minute I did the race: my daughter Abby did that part although I have done it at least 5 times in
the past. I was at the event, representing Rotary and our Blanket Drive.

It started as such a cold day but by lunch time, there was lovely sun and it was so bright
and cheerful: probably due to the enthusiasm of the 1000 participants in the Lonehill
Park jostling for position and ready to take on the annual Otter Family ‘Fun Run’ Charity

This was the 21st edition of the Lonehill Fun Run/Walk and Otter Estates has been
privileged to have been involved in the sponsorship of all of them. The list of Lonehill
residents and companies to thank and recognize for their involvement in the event is
extensive and all their support ensured another successful event. This is the reason why
Lonehill is such a great community!

In 2022 I approached the LRA ( Lonehill Resident’s Association ) to ask if they wanted to
partner with the Rotary Blanket Drive. In fact, the LRA, Crawford International and
REMAX agreed to assist with the Blanket Drive project and in the first year, through
various events spearheaded by the LRA, over ZAR 12000.00 was raised which went
towards a ‘pool of blankets’ in the event of disasters that the Rotary Blanket Drive keeps
‘on hand’. When the blankets are donated, the LRA will be informed exactly where they
went which can be communicated to all their residents through the Newsletter.
Crawford International Lonehill, with thanks to Robyn Swanepoel is also part of the
initiative for the Otter Road Race, the LRA and Rotary Blanket Drive initiative.
So many other sponsors such as ( Country Meats, Nicky’s Bistro, The Braai Room, Brew
Town, Engen Garage Lonehill, Col’Cacchio Dainfern, Sorbet Lonehill, Laserlicious
Lonehill, Crawford International Lonehill, On A Whim, Crystalia Lonehill, Fourways Flower Market, the LRA, Candid 20 Twenty, a vote of sincere thanks for contributions towards
the sponsored runners, the contents of the ‘goody bags’, water en route and other
essential services for the day.

Over 1000 residents turned up for the fun run.

Lonehill is a fantastic community and the LRA supports our vibrant and beautiful
environment. It is important to note that through this initiative, ‘Lonehillers’ raised over
ZAR 12000.00 in 2022 towards the Rotary Blanket Drive. How this works is that there is
an opportunity to donate towards a blanket or ‘buy a blanket’ when you purchase a ticket
for an LRA organised event such as the Otter Fun Run. The LRA donates all proceeds at
the end of each year to the Rotary Blanket Drive and ‘Lonehillers’ will be informed when
their donated blankets are used in the community.

As Rotary, we are very appreciative for the support of the Blanket Drive initiative with the
LRA, Crawford International and REMAX.
Best regards,

Rotary Volunteer
082 651 4873

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