World Rotary Day: Delta Park Water Wise Garden Gets Some Love

On 19 February, the Rotary Club of Rosebank met at the Delta Park Environmental Center equipped with gardening tools and a ton of morale. One of our soon-to-be members, Lucy Gachogu, joined the six Rosebank volunteers and got stuck into the shovelling of the weed-invaded shrubs and pots at the Delta Park Waterwise and Sensory Garden. With neither rain nor a hot shining sun, but rather a cool breeze that day, conditions were perfect to get one’s hands a little on the dirty side. Dog walkers are common on a Saturday morning, but the hard-working Rotarians in their vibrant blue shirts no doubt stood out. The three hour clean up effort was filled with chatter, covering conversation topics such as environmental sustainability, popular tourist destinations in Kenya [Lucy’s home country] and the hiking spots in the Magaliesburg. The hours flew by and the Rotary Club of Rosebank did their part in restoring these gardens to their former glory.

Rotary Rosebank Clears Delta Park Water Wise Garden
Members of the Rotary Club of Rosebank get their hands dirty, Lucy Gachogu [far left] joins in the fun [photo courtesy of Sybille Essmann]
Lucy Gachogu represents Morningside Rotary Club like a real trooper
[photo courtesy of Sybille Essmann]

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